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Complete Awards List
LARPs Season One


FilmQuest - Best Series

GenCon Film Fest - Best Series

Miami Web Fest - Best Wardrobe

Snobby Robot - Best Ensemble

Vancouver Web Fest - Best Comedy



ACTRA Montreal Awards - Best Actor (Jonathan Silver)

FilmQuest - Best Costumes, Best Supporting Actress (Charlotte Rogers)

Indie Series Awards - Best Costume Design

International Academy of Web Television - Best Male Performance in a Comedy (Jonathan Silver), Best Writing (Comedy), Best Costume Design

Miami Web Fest - Best Editing, Best Screenwriting

Snobby Robot - Best Series, Best Screenplay (Comedy), Best Production Design

LARPs Season Two



ACTRA Montreal Awards - Best Actress (Charlotte Rogers)

DC Web Fest - Silver Award Winner

Hollyweb Festival - Best Fantasy

Indie Series Awards - Best Costume Design, Best Sound Design, Best Editing



ACTRA Montreal Awards - Best Actor (Elizabeth Neale, Jonathan Silver)

Canadian Comedy Awards - Best Web Series

Canadian Screen Awards - Best Actress (Amber Goldfarb)

Indie Series Awards - Best Series, Best Directing (Comedy), Best Sountrack, Best Original Score, Best Makeup, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design

International Academy of Web Television - Best Costume Design, Best Makeup, Best Production Design, Best Sound, Best Editing

Montreal Web Fest - Best Canadian Production

Toronto Web Fest - Best Visual Effects


One of the smoothest, best-acted and most entertaining series I've reviewed… A good book or show needs more than detail, it needs characters. It needs drama. It needs dialogue. Luckily for us, LARPs has all three.” - WebVee Guide

From start to finish I was drawn in, engaged and chuckling along with the jokes. […] We think that LARPs: The Series is finally the show that will let the world know what our hobby is really about and like. No small feat.”-


Following in the footsteps of Felicia Day’s hit web series The Guild, sleek, smart Canadian web series LARPs brings to life an endearing cast of characters…” - LA Weekly


Engaging visual setting, a lovingly-constructed cast of characters, and clean, sharp dialogue. […] Carefully balanced so that it is appealing to LARPers and accessible to a general audience.” - Tubefilter


Everyone should watch. […] You don’t have to be a LARPer to enjoy what they do.” - Geeked Out Nation


One of the best scripts I’ve come across this year. […] Laugh out loud funny.” - The Snobby Robot

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