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"Aw, man. When do we start?"

LARPs is a scripted web series that explores how the imagination of play affects reality—and vice versa. In a LARP, or live action roleplaying game, players assume the identity of their chosen character and physically perform their actions (as opposed to simply describing them). Six twentysomething friends meet regularly to play in a LARP, and we follow them through their daily lives to see the parallels between the game and the real world.

Season One
Release: March 2014
Geek & Sundry Re-release: January 2015

Evan's LARP finds itself in need of a new player; Shane joins the game as Astra, a paladin. As Arthur tries his best to "win" the game, Brittany decides to explore her attraction to Will through roleplaying.

Season Two
Release: October 2015

The party's back! Shane brings her new-to-roleplaying friend Kat to the game, but is still keeping her job secret. Arthur struggles to find meaning in the game while Will and Brittany navigate how their relationship has changed. Meanwhile, Evan finds his efforts go largely unappreciated.

Season Three
Release: Coming soon!
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